Request a reference

Request a reference

Thanks for considering me as a reference for your application! I’m happy to serve!

In order to maximize the impact of your referees, please consider if I am your best option by answering two questions:

  1. Can I assess your abilities? I do not write recommendations unless I know you personally to some extent. If you have taken my classes at ETH Zürich, University of Zürich, UNU-MERIT or MGSoG, have been my advisee at UCM or have written a thesis with me (any level), the answer to this question is always “yes.” If our interaction has been limited to you attending a lecture of mine without me having a change to observe your performance in any way, the answer is likely “no.”

  2. Is there a more suitable referee? Especially when applying for jobs that require explicit technical expertise, it is advisable to pick a referee who has observed your performance in more detail. Do consider whether your tutor in a course can give a more detailed picture of your performance and make a more detailed and credible argument for you as a suitable candidate.

If I can assess your abilities and am a suitable reference, let me know how I can help:

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